could be a lawn, could be a meadow but it still needs cutting. Knock down a weed, cut down a ladybird. Damocle's sword.

This is the story of 6 and a half years wasted learning the inside of the horticulture industry. Where pot pansies are sold for 3p when the plastic they are housed in cost 4p. Oh, and the grass. You've got it in the front or the back garden or in the gutters or out of the bits between the bricks. Grass. No getting away from it. But, a very sensible man wrote a novel called 'The Death of Grass' - think of that. And, yesterday, I listened to a woman who has just had a fly named after her. She was justly proud of this. She made two valid points in the favour of flies. One - they pollinate more plants than any other insect. Two - they deal with the shit. No flies and there would be shed loads of crap and dead carcasases littering the earth.


 And then be proud. The flowers in the field still be. For thee.  For thee that have gone, the flowers in the field still be.